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Asset Selfservice

Revolutionize Your Self-Service Asset Management Experience

Experience the power of seamless self-service asset management with our integrated platform. Tailored to provide instant asset information, direct communication with experts, and easy service initiation, it puts control right in your hands. Embrace a new era of personalized, efficient asset management.

Asset Selfservice

Efficient Self-Service Asset Management: Simplified and Accessible

Optimize your asset management with our platform, combining complete asset data insight, efficient case management, and seamless communication. Access detailed asset information, manage service cases, and easily connect for guidance and spare parts, all through a single, streamlined self-service solution.

Branded and integrated SelfService Portals

Asset Maintenance and Support

Documentation repository

Real-time asset tracking

Centralized Media Management Platform

Cross-departmental collaboration

Regulatory compliance

Rich Features

Our asset data platform is a powerhouse of functionality, designed to simplify and enhance your asset handling experience. From accessing detailed asset information and interactive dashboards to utilizing direct communication channels and automated service requests, every feature is tailored for efficiency. Stay informed with real-time alerts, share important documents and media easily, and leverage the convenience of integrated feedback systems and ERP synchronizations. This comprehensive suite of features ensures a seamless, informed, and efficient asset management journey.

Enhanced Asset Insight: Detailed Information Made Easy

Experience enhanced control over your assets with our Asset Information Access feature. It delivers detailed specifications, maintenance history, and usage guidelines for each asset, enabling informed decisions and optimal asset performance. This concise, comprehensive view transforms how you manage and utilize your assets

Empower Your Dashboards: Tailored Asset Management Platform

Our platform offers the foundational tools to create your own Interactive Asset Dashboards. While we operate on a headless architecture, we provide the essential data and framework needed for you to build personalized dashboards. These can be tailored to monitor asset performance, track maintenance schedules, and view service histories, enabling efficient and customized asset management.

Customize Your Experience with Self-Service Portals

Purple Unity elevates self-service to new heights with its Custom Front End capabilities. Our platform provides the backbone for creating personalized self-service portals, blending rich data and essential business functionalities. This headless approach grants you the freedom to develop a front-end experience that aligns seamlessly with your brand and audience needs.

From user-friendly logins to intuitive navigation, our solution is designed for maximum user engagement. Tailor every aspect of your self-service portal to create unique, resonant experiences for your customers. With Purple Unity, your brand's identity is at the forefront, ensuring each customer journey is as unique and individual as your brand itself.

Streamlined Maintenance and Repair Guidance with Integrated Spare Parts Reference

Our platform enhances asset management efficiency with a feature focused on maintenance and repair instructions, seamlessly linked to the corresponding spare parts. Access detailed, easy-to-follow guidelines for maintaining and repairing your assets, coupled with direct references to the necessary spare parts. This integration simplifies the maintenance process, ensuring the right parts are always at hand, reducing downtime and improving overall asset longevity. Perfect for keeping your operations smooth and uninterrupted.

Effortless Expert Connect: Direct Communication Channels

Our platform offers Direct Communication Channels, a feature that instantly connects you with service experts and technical representatives. Embedded in our Customer and Contacts system, it provides quick, easy access for any queries or troubleshooting needs, streamlining your support experience with rapid, expert assistance.

Seamless Self-Service Experience with Open API and Events

Our open API structure elegantly integrates self-service portals with backend systems, merging all asset data and processes for a cohesive self-service experience. This setup offers a streamlined and personalized approach to asset management, ensuring efficiency and user convenience.

Flexible Data Models & Media for Cases

Purple Unity offers the innovative capability of adaptable data models and media management, now extended to cases. This feature allows for the customization of information specific to each case, ensuring a detailed and organized presentation. With this functionality, you can provide complete and nuanced insights to stakeholders, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication and engagement in various case scenarios.

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