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Company and Contact Manager

Build engagement with your customers and partners and start working together

Discover the art of seamless connectivity and management with Purple Unity's Company & Contacts Manager (CCM). Unleashing the power of integration, CCM transforms the way you manage companies and contacts, bridging the gap between comprehensive control and intuitive simplicity.

Managing Companies & Contacts

Efficient Management of Companies and Contacts

Purple Unity's CCM module offers an efficient blend of a user-friendly interface and advanced APIs for managing companies and contacts. It enables seamless creation, editing, and deletion of details, with API flexibility for easy system integration. This approach ensures effective handling of business and contact data, essential for dynamic environments, and facilitates smooth navigation through complex company relationships and networks.

Segment Customers

Targeted Customer Segmentation for Enhanced Marketing

Customer segmentation extends beyond marketing to influence post-login data access. It enables businesses to customize data access and marketing for specific groups, delivering relevant content and improving user experience. This strategy enhances marketing accuracy and streamlines access to relevant information, leading to more personalized and efficient customer interactions


Seamless Authentication with SSO and CIAM Integration

Integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) with Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) streamlines authentication by linking internal Active Directories and external CIAM solutions. This setup simplifies user access with a single credential system, enhancing security and user experience across various platforms

Customer Boarding

Streamlined Onboarding of New Customers with Corporate Account Setup

Our system simplifies the onboarding of new customers by offering the setup of corporate accounts that include multiple employees. This streamlined approach enables easy management and collaborative access for entire teams, enhancing the overall onboarding experience.

Smart and Simple Authorizations

Efficient Authorization Tailored to Business Needs

Our authorization system provides rights based on business capabilities, with possible restrictions tied to assets or company relations. This smart and straightforward approach aligns user access with their specific roles and operational requirements, enhancing both security and efficiency. The system dynamically adjusts permissions, ensuring a streamlined and secure user experience that precisely meets business needs.

The only SaaS software solution that makes online collaboration natural again


Purple Unity meets enterprise-level security standards with SSO, GDPR and CCPA compliance.

API First

Open to integration through an API-first approach with event channels on a scalable platform.


A truly composable platform with unique business capabilities. And focused on collaboration with third-party software.

Cloud first

Available as a managed cloud and SaaS solution on a modern scalable Azure Cloud Platform.

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The complete asset data management, remarketing and
service solution for businesses - to reduce cost, scale
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