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Auction Engine

Efficient Management of Open and Closed Auctions

In the Auction Engine, open auctions allow participants to see and respond to each other's bids, fostering a dynamic and interactive bidding environment. Closed auctions, in contrast, conceal bids from other participants, maintaining privacy and discretion in the bidding process. Both types are managed through a structured lifecycle, ensuring efficient and controlled auction experiences.

Open Auctions

Open Auctions: Transparent Bidding, Dynamic Strategy

Discover the thrill of Open Auctions at Purple Unity's Auction Engine, where every bid is visible, creating a transparent and competitive atmosphere. With our Max Bidding feature, bid efficiently and let the system work for you. Experience heightened excitement with the Sliding Window feature, bringing a dynamic edge to the auction's final moments. Join our Open Auctions for a seamless, engaging, and strategic bidding journey!

Closed Auctions

Closed Auctions: Discrete Bidding, Controlled Precision

Experience the sophistication of Closed Auctions at Purple Unity's Auction Engine, where bids remain confidential for a discreet and strategic experience. Perfect for those who value privacy, this format offers a controlled, precise bidding environment. Embrace the exclusivity and focused competition of Closed Auctions for a meticulously private bidding journey.

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API First

Open to integration through an API-first approach with event channels on a scalable platform.


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Showroom & Buy Now

Dynamic Showrooms with Buy Now Options

Our platform offers the capability to set up virtual showrooms, showcasing products in an engaging and interactive environment. Alongside this, we provide a 'Buy Now' feature, allowing instant purchase opportunities directly from the showroom. This combination enhances the shopping experience, blending visual appeal with immediate transaction options, assign specific assets, and define rules and settings for each lot. Prevent data overlap by easily accessing all the necessary information. Protect sensitive data and avoid unauthorized access with user control.

Automatic Bidding

Efficient Auction Participation with Max Bidding

Max Bidding allows customers to set their maximum price for auctions, enabling the system to automatically bid up to this limit. Ideal for open, running auctions, this feature simplifies participation by automatically placing incremental bids on the user's behalf. The process continues until the max price is reached, ensuring competitive bidding with minimal effort. Max Bids activate based on auction conditions, offering a streamlined and effective way to engage in the bidding process.

Automatic Auction - Lot extension

Sliding Window Feature for Dynamic Auction Bidding

The Sliding Window feature in Online Open Auctions introduces a dynamic element to the final moments of bidding. It activates a set period before a lot's scheduled end, allowing late bids to extend the auction duration. This strategic component, not available in Closed Auctions, enhances the bidding experience by keeping auctions competitive and lively right until the end. It's a game-changer for both bidders and auctioneers, adding excitement and unpredictability to the auction process.

Custom Front end websites

MACH-Powered Auction Engine with Customizable Front-Ends

Leveraging a MACH approach, our Auction Engine facilitates the creation of high-end, customizable front-ends for a superior user experience. Purple Unity offers starter kits and comprehensive services for developing these versatile, headless front-end solutions, ensuring engaging and user-friendly online auction platforms.

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