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Asset Remarketing

Revolutionize Your Asset Remarketing Experience with Purple Unity

Purple Unity's Composable Asset Data Platform redefines asset remarketing, offering tailored, zero-commission online auctions and dynamic showrooms. Craft personalized auction experiences for your audience and engage customers through informative online showrooms. Save costs with zero-commission solutions and achieve optimal outcomes by merging efficiency and effectiveness in your asset remarketing strategy.

Asset Remarketing

Optimized Asset Remarketing with Purple Unity

Our platform excels in asset remarketing, empowering organizations to leverage their own channels for direct sales. This approach fosters engagement with a targeted audience of interested buyers, enhancing the effectiveness and reach of your remarketing strategy."

Customizable Asset Catalog

Open and Closed Auctions


Advanced bid engine with Automatic bidding and auction extensions

Exclusive auctions for select customer segments

Regulatory Compliance

Promote reuse of assets

Rich Features

Purple Unity, a MACH system, offers a feature-rich platform for seamless asset information sharing, dynamic showroom and auction setup, and building meaningful relationships with external stakeholders. Experience the freedom of integration and a web or app experience in line with your branding, ensuring a comprehensive solution for efficient asset management and engagement.

Open Auctions

Introducing Purple Unity's 'Open Auction' feature – a powerful tool enabling you to organize open auctions tailored to your target audience. With options for max bid and automatic bidding, coupled with automatic auction extension, this feature ensures a dynamic and engaging auction experience, maximizing participation and optimizing outcomes for your asset remarketing strategy

Closed Auctions

Explore the 'Closed Auction' feature in Purple Unity, where bids remain confidential until the auction concludes. Tailor this feature to focus on specific customer segments, ensuring a discreet and targeted approach to asset remarketing. With Closed Auctions, you can optimize results and maintain a strategic advantage in engaging your audience.

Custom Front End Auction and Showroom Site

Purple Unity redefines the auction experience with its innovative 'Custom Front End Auction Site' feature. Seamlessly integrating comprehensive data, business functionality, and advanced search capabilities, Purple Unity goes beyond conventional limits. From effortless login experiences to streamlined onboarding, every aspect is designed for optimal engagement.

What sets Purple Unity apart is its headless approach, providing the freedom to connect a fully customized front-end website. This unique flexibility allows you to align your brand seamlessly, creating tailored customer journeys that resonate with your audience.

Experience the power of customization with Purple Unity, where every interaction is a reflection of your brand, and every journey is crafted with precision."

API's and Events

In the realm of asset remarketing, effective communication is paramount. Purple Unity facilitates this with robust API and Event capabilities, ensuring seamless data exchange with back-end systems and other components in your marketing stack. This integration not only streamlines communication but also guarantees efficient data processing, empowering you to navigate the asset remarketing landscape with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness!

Asset Specific Data Models & Media

Purple Unity's groundbreaking feature of a flexible data model and media handling transforms the way you present asset information. Tailor information seamlessly for each asset type, consolidating comprehensive details in a cohesive manner. This ensures potential buyers receive complete and detailed insights, elevating your ability to inform and engage effectively in the asset remarketing process.

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