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Service and Support Engine

Streamlining Your Asset-Related Operations

Elevate your asset management experience with our Service and Support Engine. Designed for seamless management of service cases, training materials, and spare parts, this user-friendly platform simplifies and enhances your asset-related operations. Embrace efficiency and service excellence with ease.

Case management

Adaptive Case Management with Customizable Data Structures

Our case management system is not only efficient but also highly adaptable, allowing the creation of flexible data structures tailored to each case type. This feature ensures that you can manage a variety of cases with the specific information and format each requires, streamlining processes and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Communication and Collaboration

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration through Shared Documents and Media

Our platform enhances team collaboration by allowing easy sharing of documents and media within cases, coupled with integrated chat for direct case-related communication. It's designed for seamless integration with various service and ERP systems, ensuring efficient information flow and a unified workspace for faster decision-making and problem-solving.

The only SaaS software solution that facilitates support & maintenance form asset point of view.


Purple Unity meets enterprise-level security standards with SSO, GDPR and CCPA compliance.

API First

Open to integration through an API-first approach with event channels on a scalable platform.


A truly composable platform with unique business capabilities. And focused on collaboration with third-party software.

Cloud first

Available as a managed cloud and SaaS solution on a modern scalable Azure Cloud Platform.

Innovate your business with unique software solutions.

The complete asset data management, remarketing and
service solution for businesses - to reduce cost, scale
operations and boosts commerce performance.