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Asset Data Manager

Collecting, structuring and sharing asset data

The asset data manager ensures that qualitative asset data is available as a basis for collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders.

Managing Asset Data via API and Portal

Optimize Collaboration with Advanced Asset Data Management

Our Asset Data Manager offers robust control over your asset data via an intuitive admin portal and flexible APIs, crucial for effective collaboration and operations. This solution streamlines team efficiency, communication, and decision-making by enabling meticulous asset management. It's not just a tool for convenience; it's essential for maintaining high-quality, reliable asset data, fostering a well-informed, cohesive work environment.

Publishing Asset Data

Publish assets and make them accessible for online use

For publishing asset data on public websites or apps, our platform offers a versatile publication option. Users can set up various publication targets to which assets can be published. Upon publication, search indexes are updated, ensuring the latest data is accessible via APIs.

Asset Relations

An asset doesn't live on an island

Assets or sub-assets may have different relationships, both to people and companies as well as to other assets. Assets can be categorized via a taxonomy. By establishing relationships between assets, composite asset structures can be set up. By connecting with companies and people, it is possible to determine what role someone has with regard to a certain asset.

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Purple Unity meets enterprise-level security standards with SSO, GDPR and CCPA compliance.

API First

Open to integration through an API-first approach with event channels on a scalable platform.


A truly composable platform with unique business capabilities. And focused on collaboration with third-party software.

Cloud first

Available as a managed cloud and SaaS solution on a modern scalable Azure Cloud Platform.

Media & Documents

Media and Document complete the information

Media and Documents can be linked to asset or asset parts. This allows detailed information, instructions, inspections details as well as images and videos to be made available via our own application as well as via API's.

Asset Search

Search Engine for internal and external use

A rich search index that can be used by our own application as well as by external applications and sites via APIs. Within the authorization limits, everyone can quickly find and filter the right asset information.

Asset Data Templates

Each asset type is unique

Flexible and unique data templates per asset type to bring together all relevant information for an asset. On the fly, you can create and modify data templates. You can create rich data objects and bring them together into chapters and use them as a single instance or recurring group.

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API’s & Webhooks

Build exactly what you need with flexible API’s and webhooks. Integrate B2B data into your workflow.

Front-end development

We are committed to a solution with the right user experience, our partners build custom front-end solutions.


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