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It is our mission to design, build and deliver unique SaaS solutions. And in doing so, ensure that our customers can position themselves uniquely.

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Our products

Purple Unity invents, designs and builds SaaS solutions and wants to have a positive impact on companies, society and of course users.

  • Image asset and product data platform.


    Asset And Product Data Platform

    P010 is an Asset and Product Data Platform and ensures that Asset and Product information is collected structurally and made available to other systems or customer-oriented channels such as e.g. website, app, or portal.

  • Image asset and product commerce engine.


    Asset and Product Commerce Engine

    P020 is managing Commerce activities and transactions for products and assets. It focuses on online interactions with customers and it is designed to work with other systems such as: CRM and CMS. P020 enables companies to manage quote requests and open and closed auctions. P020 allows you to selectively offer assets or products to different customer segments.


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