Purple Unity

Smart software services

We design, create and implement API first and headless software services. We focus on supporting business tasks, collaboration and cloud first.

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Position yourself uniquely

Companies are transforming digitally and, as a result, are starting to look more and more like software companies. The User Experience is central to this. By using SaaS solutions that focus on a clear task and on connectivity, you can significantly accelerate the digital transformation process. Our mission is to design, build and deliver unique SaaS solutions. And in doing so, ensure that customers can position themselves uniquely.

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Unique Saas Solutions

We design, create and implement software services which we deliver in a SaaS architecture. Our solutions are focused on business tasks and are compatible. This means that they are able to work together with other software products or services.

Our products

What you can expect from our products

Our products are different and distinctive, but all contain our DNA.

Business Focus

Cloud first

API first and Headless

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About us

Purple Unity

Purple Unity is a startup of Iquality. Even though Purple Unity as a company is quite new, we have 25 years of experience developing unique software solutions.

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